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The Japan Electrical Consulting Co., Ltd. (JEC) pursues overseas projects for consulting service in all electrical systems of transportation infrastructures.
In our history of overseas projects over 50 years, we have been designing, supervising and consulting of substation, overhead catenary, power distribution, signaling and telecommunication systems for railway construction and improvement projects in 56 countries.
For the urban transportation system in many countries, eco-friendly public transportation system (LRT, MRT, Monorail., etc.) which is the most suitable for the site is being introduced, and we have more opportunities to provide technologies.

Overseas achievements

We have excellent track records of success for not only the railways technology but also the highway networks and etc.

Engineering Design and Tender Assistances Consulting Services for Phase II section of Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) System, Indonesia

We had provided services for basic designing and tender assistance including preparing tendering documents and Tender evaluation in the Jakarta MRT Line project phase I section with 15.7km length.
This section is the first subway line in Indonesia, and the operation test of the main line started in August 2018.
In the Phase II section project, we are also in charge of the basic design and tender assistance in the fields of railway substation, overhead catenary system, power distribution, and signalling system. Since we are specialized in electrical and communication engineering, in most of the cases including Jakarta MRT, we dispatch our experts to the other civil consultant firms.
The MRT line is extended in this phase II project from Bundaran HI to Kampung Bandan Stations in the north part of Jakarta capital city. The distance is 7.8 km.
Major Projects1

The Project for Supply and Installation of Signalling System in Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Myanmar

Railway tracks and associating facilities in Myanmar are deteriorated. Hence, it is the urgent issues of quality improvement for safety and customer-oriented services of railway system.

To reinforce transportation capacity and improve safety of Myanmar’s railway, which will also realize economical growth of the country, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) provided the Japanese Grants for the project.

We perticipated in this project as the part of the Contractor by dispatching signalling experts.
Site reconnaissance, detailed design, and supervisary works for installing 1) interlocking equipment of Yangon Central Station, 2) automatic level crossing signals between Toegyaungkalay and Ywathagyi, and 3) other signalling equipment, were carried out by our experts.
Major Projects2

Special Assistance for Project Implementation (SAPI) for Panama Metropolitan Area Urban Transportation Line 3 Development Project, Panama

The project in Panama is to cope with the growing demand of transportation and to ease the traffic congestion in the Panama capital region.
Construction of the monorail from the west bank region of the Panama canal to the Panama capital region is planned, namely the Panama Metro No.3 project.

The project has started by the contract signing made on 29 August 2018 between the Employer and the Consultant.

The route of the line crosses Panama Canal and its elevation varies a lot from the starting point to the end. The large capacity of the transportation is also expected. Hence, Japanese style straddled type monorail is adopted.
The length is 27 km and the line has 14 stations. JEC, as the expert firm of electrical system design, conducted planning and designing of the total electrical system for 1 number of a receiving substation, 9 numbers of feeding substation, and 1 number of a depot substation.
Major Projects3


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