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A leader in the field of both Commuter as well as Cargo Rail Infrastructure Development.
Proudly serving the world’s Rail Transportation Systems for over 50 years.
Our Consulting Team of Engineers and Designers are trained in the latest technologies,
and posses knowledge and experience to service needs both large and small.
Contact us today and discover why we are the leading Electrical Railway System Consulting Service in Japan,
the world railway leader.

Major Projects

Engineering Consulting Services in Jakarta Metropolitan Area

Jakarta Indonesia

Since 1974, JEC has played an integral role in the development of Jakarta’s Public Transportation. For our part, JEC has provided a wide range of consultation services to the major railway lines: The Western, Eastern, Central, Bekasi and Bogor.
This evolution has come about as a result of JEC’s expertise in the areas of Engineering, Planning, Design and Supervision.
Our contributions have come through such key note projects as:

  • Western Line Electrification
  • Central Line Track Elevation
  • Bekasi Line Signaling System Improvements
  • Depot and Workshops Improvements
  • Train Operation Control Systems

We here at JEC are proud to have helped the people and business of Jakarta as well as Indonesia as a whole – spearheading some 70 plus Railway Projects over 40 years – to grow and a expand into the 21st Century.

Jakarta Project Image

Detailed Designing of Taiwan High Speed Rail

Taipei Taiwan

Taiwan bullet train (Taiwan High Speed Rail) was constructed in Taiwan by BOT, the route of which runs the western corridor between Taipei and Gaoxing. JEC has provided a basic design and a detailed design for power distribution and signaling systems in the whole line, depot and workshops as well.

Taipei Project Image

Chongqing Urban Railway Construction Project

Chongqing China

The project was constructed from Jiaochangkou to Xinshanchun in Chongqing area for No.2 Monorail Line under JBIC ODA Loans.
JEC has participated in consulting services for equipment installations and systems interface coordination, and work supervision for signaling and power supplying systems.

Chongqing Project Image


Consulting Electrical Engineering for Transportation Infrastructures:
Railway, Highway, Airport and Port

  • Preliminary Investigations

    Preliminary Investigations

  • Transportation Planning

    Transportation Planning

  • Feasibility Studies

    Feasibility Studies

  • Detailed Designing

    Detailed Designing

  • Tender Assistance

    Tender Assistance

  • Supervision of Construction

    Supervision of Construction

  • Assistance in the Management and Operation of Project

    Assistance in the Management and Operation of Project


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